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Must have Windows Media Player to Listen,

If not download it here for free

Cinnamon Teal (3 sec., 64K.)
Canada goose (4 sec, 51K)
Mallard (4 sec, 44K)
Wigeon (2 sec, 14K)
Pintail (3 sec., 45K)
Wood Duck (4 sec., 160K)
Common Shelduck (3 sec., 63k)
Gadwall (5 sec., 120 k)
Mallard (11 sec., 198K)
Greenwing teal (4 sec., 195k)
Mallard with wigeon (24 sec., 487k)
Mallards, pintail, wigeon (14 sec., 253k)
Tufted duck (3 sec., 63k)
Flock of pintail (17 sec., 307k)
Ruddy shelduck (3 sec., 63k) 3
Ring Neck Duck (3 sec., 41k)
Common Merganser (64k)
Northern Pintail (64k)
Barnacle Goose (32k)
Barrows Goldeneye (63k)
Eider (3 sec., 63K)
Pintail (4 sec., 168k)
Canada goose (13 sec., 207k)
Greater scaup (5 sec., 127k)

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